Winter is Coming !!

Clubs around the country are bringing there seasons to a close, presentation nights give people the opportunity to reflect on how amazing they have been, but for us mere mortals we all just look back and wish we had played a little better. Well as 9 handicap golfer whom doesn't have a club anymore I need to come up with a plan !! Because I will be away for a lot of the year the first question is, should I actually join a club?like many people nowadays being a member of a club is quite hard both financially and time wise.There is also the option of winter membership, this isn't a stupid as it seems as most golf clubs in the north east have all year round golf. The options are endless but the most important factor is me! what do I actually want to achieve this year, friendly golf or competitive golf. I think I will investigate some of the group memberships which might suit a nomadic golfer like me. On a non related note my bags are packed and ready for Italy !!


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