Winner No 44 not bad eh!

Congratulations for to lee Westwood for a top week, and also to his caddy to. Both worked together well to hold back the nerves and play a solid tee to green game.

Most of the players I was with this week all had trouble from just off the fairways, it has become apparent that it is harder to move a ball out of the rough with fraw or fade spin, but also it reacts differently with the wind to.

Overall this course is a beast and the landing zones are very small, membership starts at around £10,000 but the facilities are very impressive. What have I learnt about Abu Dhabi, well its a beautiful hot place that is building alot, taxis are cheep and anything imported like sweets and coke is very expensive.

The people have been super helpfull and with all the things to do at yas Island it would be a great holiday destination. Cant wait to get back, but now its off to Dubai and the burj Khalifa 😲😲


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