Why do we still have joining fees?? And Doha here we come !! F U Corona 🤪🤪

So the new season is coming and making that choice about joining a club or not crops up, I been looking around THE NORTH and apart from frosty dragons and yorkshire tea up here it is rare that clubs charge a joining fee. Now im no secretary or steward of a golf club but it seams to me that this is just a bullshit extra charge that pays for nothing and if you leave you get nothing back ! Im sure estate agents used to call this a non refundable deposit ! So why do we have to pay this, what legal reason allows a club to ask for double when you join? Gyms offer 3 months free, season tickets offer you discounts on products other clubs include equipment when you join and none of these ask for a extra payment for nowt. With all the recent issues with membership and inclusion why does this still exist?

Just thought I would get it off my chest as basically its money for nothing, Strange but when I look at clubs to join this kinda puts me off. Anyway off to Doha for the golf in Qatar, its going to be my first time actually playing golf abroad. I will tell you how things work out from airport to airport travelling and other stuff, the tournament sees a opportunity for the lower ranked players to make some ground on the race to Dubai and solidify there playing rights for next season. I will try to focus on the north east lads and see how they do. I have also purchased a Canon EOS 4000d camera which is the entry level for DSLR camera's. I have been very anxious with regards this trip and possible future events, I have withdrawn from people who look sick, which in winter and the north is pretty much everyone 🥵🥵 The European tour has already cancelled a few events, but like many other businesses the virus is taking its toll. My concern is not being put into confinement but more where, how are people who are locked up managing financially to pay bills, as most insurance companies are not paying out ? And the bigger question is how long will it last ? Its going to be a strange trip, but remember this my life is better than most and I will always be grateful to my family and friends for the opportunities I have.


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