Who the hell are wu ??

Its the end of day 3 at the Omega Dubai desert classic and with all the big names on the leaderboard its Ashun Wu who is on top. Wu has won before and went through a phase of good results, but was superseded by Haotong li as the up and coming Asian force in the game of golf.

The morning saw a massive charge from many of the early starters and the rest kinda did ok, so loads will have a chance tomorrow even as much a 5 back could have a shot. Dubai is a busy place on a Saturday and the crowds were good, and there is plenty to keep everyone entertained. Music and chocolate courtesy of @lindt have made today good fun, I have seen a different side to the golf tv buisness working with the hosts and interviewees. Like golf its all about timing, you get yourself into a position ready for a golfer whos playing well to ask some questions, problem is they hit a bad shot so you cant then ask. Some just wont talk or some places aren't good enough, its a tough job and requires alot of patience. Tim Barter who normally does the interviews know his stuff, but also like to have up to the minute details that make players relax and therefore make for better interviews.

I did ask him a stupid question regards Andy Sullivan's disqualification earlier in the week, his answer was short, why would his ask a player these questions straight after they lost there job. It shows how we forget its not just a game and although Andy may laugh, this whole year could be very tough for the next year. Fine lines, lets see who can have a good sunday so that they can relax a little for the next few months at least.


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