Whats in it for me?

Being a Marshal or Volunteer is a very personal thing, some people doniy for the love of the event, some just as a hobby or even because its close to where they live. Whatever the reason, what you put in is what you get back. Interaction with players is normally prohibited during competition, but practise rounds normally offer some great chances to get a little closer to the players, being a marshal might even get you a little closer. In terms of monetary reward, very little, normally food or food vouchers are provided, uniform, sometimes discount and some events will give you a free round or cheep access to courses. The best thing you get, is life experience money cannot buy. I have worked with people who were marshals at medinha. I have been informed you can marshal at the Players and even the Masters at Augusta ( yes you get to play the course) The Olympics next year again would be amazing event although I would imagine all places are now taken. Get involved interact with spectators and other volunteers and who knows what will happen next.


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