What to wear and take to a golf tournament ?

How many people have you seen at events in shorts when it rains, or sunburnt. Well take abit of pre tournament advice.

1. Do as much as you can online first: when coming to golf events there could be literally thousands of people, coming at the same time. If you have pre booked or have passes the hassle it will save you could be the difference between getting a handshake of Phil Mickelson or not even seeing Phil.

2. Get information prior to the event: when you go to golf tournaments there will normally be programs available with locations and tee off times, most of this however you can get even before you reach the venue. Look on either the PGA or the European Tour website, this is a great source of info and tee times. check out google maps or the golf course venue, here you will be able to see where the holes are figure out where you want to go.

3. Look at the weather: I know it sounds stupid but its the best advice I can give, look at a few sources this will give you a better general overview. The 2 mains things to look for are Sun and Thunder, if there is a risk of thunder the course might get closed you might have to leave early or be stuck somewhere for along time. The same for the Sun, golf is out in the open and not only will you need to be hydrated but also covered up and wearing skin protection.

4. Adequate clothes and SHOES: so you are in a field with rocks and branches, why would you wear high heels? well it happens. To be honest most people wear golf shoes, why? your not playing. Comfortable boots or shoes is the best option as most people walk for long periods without realising it, something with good grip and ankle support would be my suggestion as sometimes it gets very slippy. Similar to walking layering is best, have a day sack so you can put in a jacket or waterproof trousers (forecast depending) try to keep legs and arms covered as many courses have critters especially Scotland and the bloody midges.

5. Money or packed lunch: nearly all golf tournaments have food and drink provision, this may be quite expensive so some places might let you bring your own( CHECK FIRST )

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