What just happened ??

So day 3, we all knew that the Europeans should have had a lead and that this was going to be tight. The events that followed were obviously destiny. This morning my heart was torn between the rex costume or blue ? What I have noticed is that when I have worn either colour that team has won the day, Im not saying I was the reason we won the Solhiem Cup, but ! Anyway events unfolded in such a way that left susan peterson, the captains pick with the put to win. The rest they will say is history. The best thing about this weekend is the golf has been tremendous, womens golf has taken a bit of a battering over the past few years, but I have seen it first hand from Morgans chipping to Van Dam driving. The sport will only grow if we as spectors attend events and watch more on TV. It has been my privilege to have had a team which included America, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Scotland and Newcastle thankyou team 16 👍


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