What is the endgame ?

Some will say it will all be fine, others panic buy and fear the worst ! But what will the endgame be and how will things go? Americans are buying guns, should we do the same ? The biggest problem at the minute as our government fails to make actual decisions, and continues just to advise. The problem with advice is nobody listens, but also the problem with lock downs is again people will refuse. My personal belief and its not based on films or books is that we will politely do as we are told for a week or two, but then as food and medical supplies get harder to come by people will take risks or break laws ! There will also be the lawless who will see the shops closed as a chance to commit crime. Why would I say this, well look at black friday, a simple sale which turns grown adults into crazy pack animals. Look around over the next few weeks, watch as military and police numbers increase, watch how longer down the line both money and goods will dramatically change there importance.

During all times of control people have found ways of avoiding control, like prohibition or during the blitz, communities will form secret societies will be created. I wonder if I am overreacting, maybee this wont happen ! But ask yourself in your lifetime have you ever seen a supermarket empty? I have tried to be as upfront as I can with my children and have explained that there could be many deaths and some could be people they know and love, I have also said that in the event of total lockdown we must make a effort to exercise and take personal time so that we can be both physically and mentally strong for whatever happens. I seem to be one of the few who is both disappointed by other peoples lack of care or respect for the situation. People mocked those that planned for the zombie apocalypse, and yes zombies might be a bit strong, but it is better to plan and prepare to keep your family safe rather than starve or get sick. The government will take action and as a nation it is our duty to do as they ask.


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