What if I told you, you could meet Tiger and get free clothes ?

If you asked people the question above, most would say what's the catch ? Well none you just have to volunteer. Yep that's it, Tiger may be at the event or maybe not, but most events have some great players and nearly all provide some kind of clothing as a way of saying thank you. It surprises me how many people don't volunteer, most of the jobs are low impact and normally in ok weather (Scotland and Ireland not included with this offer) I know people will say I prefer to watch on TV or you don't see that much golf. I would rather say you could do a couple of days and have a free ticket, and be right beside the person who wins the event. And that noise and atmosphere cannot be conveyed over TV. So next time a tournament wether its seniors, womens, mini tours or the superstars give it a go, you might just like it.


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