What do we do now ??

So Co-vid 19 has come to planet earth and soon the world will be full of the walking dead, or as we call them old people !! But fear not during this time of toilet roll and pasta shortage the world will be reborn maybee with a few less committee members ! No seriously there will be many changes over the next few months and who knows maybee years. Most of the main tours have cancelled events, and I know that you will have no sympathy for the likes of Rory and Tiger for many others this could have major impacts on them and there families. Also thousands of people are involved within golf,

TV, sponsors, volunteers and contractors all of which will suffer because of the virus. However the main reason I am writing this blog is soon the government will ask us to stay inside, and that will surely effect some golf clubs and cause them to close, many banks will say they will be helpfull and supportive but for how long, and if people aren't working how will they pay for membership? This world event will effect many clubs and events for a long time, I dont underestimate peoples power to bouce back, but even on a practical level, if green keepers are being told to stay indoors how long will it take to recover courses. I also wonder what effect it will have on the sales of clubs and again how that will effect manufacturer's. They say there will be a baby boom if we are asked to stay at home, Im not sure I will survive all that time with my kids, all work and no golf makes will a angry man!! I wished I had a old copy of Tiger woods golf 😍😍

The other important thing is social media is full of commentators and golfers doing stupid things to occupy there time, its only been one week !! What we all will need to do when the time comes is support your local clubs and events.


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