What do I need to do??

2020 is going to be my development year for both my blog and vlog, I will try to get the vids and discussions that people want to see and talk about. I will be lucky to be up close and personal again to the best players in the world and maybe make them laugh in the process. Please have a look at my You tube channel leave a comment and subscribe so that I can get the players and pictures that you want to see.

I will also be writing about the events themselves including the local areas, so if you have ever fancied going to Dubai for instance then you will know the costs for travel, food, the golf and how to get around. I will also try and show the costs for merchandise at the events, and maybe there will be a few giveaways. Golf is my passion and I am also trying to get my handicap back down, all of this takes work and support from my family and friends. As I look back on 2019 I can say that I have made some amazing friends and also meet some great people, all with different stories to tell. I have seen couples who have traveled to golf events around the world for decades, and the children whos dads play on the professional tour. I have seen the Colosseum and witnessed the women gladiators in the heat of the Solhiem cup, Ive watched 360 yard drives and 6 inch duffs, paid £20 for a McDonald and £1 for Morretti and all I can say is its been emotional.

My biggest High and Low has been the World transplant games , the friends I made and the people I met were the reason that when I said goodbye I secretly had a cry, and then I lost a good friend in Peter Bowers, miss you mate. But its these experiences that I would say to everyone, these are the moments that make life amazing, as a great product once said "just do it"


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