Westwood, welcomes and weather. 

Day 3 at the @adgolfchamps has been the hottest so far, for both golf and weather. Its interesting to see players and caddies using different methods to stay hydrated and keep concentrating when the weather is this hot, and how they manage to perform when the weather is hotter, leopard creek and Australia have both been way over 35 degrees 🔥🔥 But Saturday's are a chance to fo for it, you are going to get paid so lets see how far up the table we can get, for Heisselle it was a top round of -8 and if I'm honest Ive never heard of him before and a good solid week here could secure his car for the season.

But for the seasoned Pro that is lee Westwood its just another day in the office, a great driving performance where I have been told he didnt miss any fairways, or very little ! Saw lee top the leaderboard at -14. Its going to be a sweet Sunday and I hope Mr Westwood follows it through, especially as it will only add interest to the British masters at CloseHouse this year. I was also lucky today I had a top group, Zander Lombard and Lucus Herbert plus there caddies made for some great banter. Golfer's never change whether pros or amateur alike, if there is a chance to 1 up a player because you hit it longer or closer then let the trash talk begin.

What makes each event special are the people you meet and the freindships you make, I have made some great new friends, from social media Icons to a amazing couple from North America who are members at the Abu Dhabi golf club. They had told me a story of when they met lee Westwood in Dubai many years ago at the David Leadbetter school, and lee chatted and joked about her golfswing. This random act of kindness and humour had stayed with them, it just shows how important the little things the players do both in and around the golf world are, like signing a hat or taking a selfie this creates a bond which makes that person want to come back for more. Good fortune today Mr Westwood 👏👏👏🏌️‍♂️⛳🔥


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