Westwood, a Australian from the wirral and a girl with a lot of heart.

Today has been a emotional way, and not the cockney kind! I mean real emotions. Golf at close house with great support from lee Westwood, but lee wasn't the star the competitors were. With stories that could crush ivan drago ( rocky) these golfers have come from all over the world to play. From oz, Paraguay and of course the dutch and my team finland to name a few. They have battled and as normal golf has won, @tatilibenitez had a heart transplant over 12 years ago when she was very young, that however has not stopped her. She is a amazing woman with drive and passion and is the reason I will always love to volunteer. And Terry representative of oz but originally from the wirral, has been dealt a bad hand after being stabbed and having a heart transplant has a amazing outlook on life. The round was unbelievably long but no one was complaining, getting the gift of life has given these people patience and passion. Well played


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