Welcome to Saudi Arabia 😲

From leaving Dubai this was going to be a interesting journey, the departure lounge was full of every culture and faith, people making the journey to mecca or going to Kazakhstan. The different clothes an traditional wear was so interesting to look at, but the same old thing with airports, poor seats and everyone with to much baggage.

The flight to Saudi was 3 hrs and full to the brim, no business class here so quite a uncomfortable flight. Then the real shock, the airport is huge, but the terminal is tiny with very strict security. Facials and finger prints done its off in a bus for another 1hr to the venue, the skyline in saudi is different than Dubai and abu Dhabi, no tall buildings or monuments just sand and the odd random building.

Finally we arrive at our quarters, similar to university digs but alot simpler this place is strange, but we will see what the week will bring. The beach has a few restaurants and things to do but it all seems so surreal. Well the event starts tomorrow and we will see what happens.


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