Wankers ! Scum !

While the likes of you and me are listening to the government's advice and staying at home, there are a small amount of animals that are not. Some are just people not listening, carrying on work and maybe have legitimate reasons for wanting to do so, others are the workers who care only about the coin and wont be told, Ive seen over the past 3 weeks loads of window cleaners and gardeners, seriously people are dying why do we need clean windows ? Then there are the worst of the worst, people who are scamming and thieving from old and vulnerable people, using the fear and need to steal shopping or take money from people to scared to leave the house. The police say there is less crime, well maybe thats because most crime is drink related ? But what they should be saying is theft and scan crimes are up. Two local golf clubs have been robbed in the past week, most of what they have stolen wll have club logos or brands, so if you see anything with CloseHouse or Ponteland golf club on then please report to the police. It makes me physically sick to know that people will when a person is lying on the floor either kick or rob them for the sake of pennies, it also makes me sick that we provide them with housing and financial support, Why ? They made there choice and the sooner as a society we punnish and convict rather than try to re educate or give them more the better. This country has bowed down to the villians for to long, we need to support the victims and stop making excuses for people, they made there choice. We are also to quick to blame the police, but we never act ! How many times do we walk on by, better to not get involved, why ? Because if we did get involved we are not protected. Watching a man beat his wife should not require a choice, doing the right thing in this country has been long forgotten. People say we now have a great sense of community, NO ! Talking to your neighbour's for the first time is not a sense of community. Walking in the streets without fear, knowing that if you had a accident somebody would assist and let people know, thats community. If we stay in lockdown for another month the scum will rise and people will suffer, we need as a community to say enough is enough.


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