Vendi, Vidi, Vici

Hmmm I do not think Mr Cesar would have been all that impressed by this weeks showing. What you would have seen on TV is a beautiful course with great views and glorious weather, with people that look and dress like models and food fit for kings...... However this has been one of the worst marshalled events I have ever been to, there has been no instruction to the public to switch phones on silent, not that it would matter as people having conversations just shout anyway, today I watched as Van Rooyen tried to play his shot only to hear behind him a gent having a full blown conversation. What was even worse is that when Mr Rooyen looked at him with ( death stare) the response was, I will finish and then you can play your shot 🤐🤐 unbelievable. I really do like this country the people and the food but the lack of manners and understanding of the golf game is quite upsetting, I'm just not sure about the Ryder Cup coming to Italy whatsoever. The course is only half finished and most course need a few years to bed in, and of course the traffic, it is so bad and dangerous a extra 50 thousand plus will cause havoc. This golf tournament has been ok and I have seen some good golf, but if the truth be told it should not have come to Rome either. Sorry Rome but you got some things really Right but you got the important things really wrong 👎👎🦖


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