Time to start a revolution 💂

I have only been playing golf for 15 years, as a young man I always believed golf was a elite sport for the favoured few. My views are still the same to this day, I know people will say its not, my club is inclusive and affordable bla bla. But the problem is people want the exclusively, people enjoy have there own club. True lots more younger people are looking towards flexible membership, but even that can become exclusive. Its similar to airport lounges, years ago reserved for only the elite but now a extra on your American express card, but if I had the choice of a normal bank card or one with the airport lounge... no brainer hello! I was also talking to some lovley ladies today who informed me that there club has no ladies day, no ladies tees ? Which made me think about our own club. Why not change the "ladies tees " to the 18+ handicap tee the yellows to 12+ and so on. This would also help up and coming young women who would benifit from playing drom tees that reflected there ability. Today has been another interesting day in my golf journey and of course a little t rex fun. Lots of smiles on peoples faces, and some fun with the PGA pros trying to teach a big blue trex. Im not sure many people can actually say this but I cant wait for friday and I cant wait for next week.


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