Tiger Woods "its in the game!"

Let me start by saying if it wasn't for Tiger Woods, I would have never taken up golf. For hours everyday I practiced on the Xbox hitting the buttons harder to get spin, and then realised I was so good at this I should try it for real ( Tiger you lie there is not buttons in the real world). But just like his game has disappeared,so has he ! dont get me wrong in the golfing world he is GOAT or whatever that means and what he did this year's Masters was " OMG can you believe, in your life" good. But now media has changed and there are more pictures of Tiger in pain than of Tiger winning. I want to remember Tiger Woods as a great man, just like his game. So please semi retire, get better and enjoy life,become a coach or TV pundit but give people the chance to remember you as the greatest golfer of our generation.


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