The Show must go on 😃

So Brown won the Portugal masters and kept his card, many however didn't but they wont have to much time to ponder as Q school will be coming up soon and unlike tournament play Q school is 6 days of grind. Me however well I now have the winter to plab what events I andbthe t rex will be attending. Next year is a Rydercup year in America and I would love to be there, but there are many big tournaments including one beside me at Close House. I have really caught the bug, the production team are like a military unit, packing away behind the players making ready for the next tournament. It is like the military and maybee thats what I like work hard play hard mentality, Portugal really has made me smile and I will be back next year, and I hope to travel around and try and see the real Portugal. Thanks to the other TV assistants whom have helped me alot and also the production crew for giving me the chance. 👍


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