The Presidents cup is sh🤬🤬

You know when you go to lidl and you look for the" jaffa cakes", but in lidl their called "jiffa cakes" or like "I cant believe it not butter", but they call it "Im sure it was butter last time "!! Thats what the Presidents cup is for me, dont get me wrong its good golf but its just a poor copy, in fact if I was the Rydercup I would sue for copywrite. The funny thing is I work in the golf business and all winter and summer groups will have their "Rydercup" but never the Presidents cup, I have seen Teacher verses student, clown versus juggler and my favorite, the heating, gas and electrical engineers versus the insulation and energy efficiency team ahhh that was a classic 🤣🤣🤣 like all sporting events there are the poor relation, I dont remember whilst playing fooball rehearsing goals from the cokacola cup nore a winning serve from the bournemouth old peoples home classic. No its the FA cup, Wimbledon, the Open, the Masters and all the other real Major Tournaments in the world. Ive beeen to the Rydercup, wimbledon and other events, you can feel the atmosphere you can smell the excitement and you can sense the very real competition, and thats my real point I would rather see the presidents cup as a celebration of golf, which includes women as well to showcase some nice friendly competitive golf so that we may grow the game. Dont try to compete with the Rydercup become the inclusive and friendly Presidents Cup.


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