The future's  bright, but will it ever be right ?

As the weather is warm and the sun shines down, today I have seen what can be achieved witha little support from others. Each county, city and community are both asking for help and getting it, the government asked us to be a bit more responsible and shop considerably, the results speak for themselves. Now the shops have food, still no toilet roll which for where we are right beside a toilet roll factory is quite ironic, we can all be a little more relaxed while we wait this storm out. People in some places are trying to adhere to social distancing but due to the fact we are creatures of habbit we are still all going to the same places, local parks or beaches. People are also making use of there fitness time to lose weight or give up smoking ! I wonder when all these people come out of the dust, they will all be ripped and hairy 🤣🤣🤣

The news on the TV suggest we may pull through this before summer, but with no vaccine for a while I would imagine most nations will still have very strict regimes in place so that they dont get it again. But what will we do after all this ? Will it be as simple as everyone gets there old jobs back and off we go ? I know there will be a celebration who knows maybee a world holiday. I think out of most nations the UK will normalise quite quick, we understand the importance of getting on with it, I hope that after all this in a few months I dont receive PPI type phone calls or that people are arrested for mistakes that may have happened during these hard times. I do however wish they bring back public flogging or stocks, so that we may shine a light on those that have used this situation to make a buck or even worse. Some people have said that this event is bringing us all back together and making people realise whats important, that maybee true but its also doing the opposite! At this time there are vulnerable people locked away without support, people with social and mental health issues who need contact and support to live there everday lives. We are getting through this and there is light at the end of the tunnel, phone, Skype message a friend let people know they are not alone.


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