The Circus is in town, but for how long ??

When a golf tournament turns up in a town, its not just a few trucks and players ! No, like the circus there are side shows which will wow you and entertain you. In golf most of these are in the Village, a centre piece where sponsors, local places of interest and some random products are situated, but most of the time there will be a PGA pro or golf product like callaway giving you the chance to play and get involved around golf. Like what I do I would imagine that people would say what a amazing job, and I bet you see some amazing golf ... No these chaps whom I have got to know over the past few years have one of the hardest jobs I have seen. It normally starts straight after the previous tournament, after they have packed up they set off to the next tournament. this could be a few miles down the road or a 1000 miles across the world. From there they will set up and start work, normally from dusk till dawn and yes they will see very little golf. So why do it ? could be the money or it just could be just like me they like golf. The golf industry on a whole is in decline and clubs and memberships are struggling, but there are lots of people trying to spread the word. Many are blaming the slow play or to many old farts in golf clubs, this could be true. some say golf isn't sexy anymore, yet more of the players are athletes and models so that kinda doesn't make sense ?I think one of the issues and something that could also be a solution is where can you practice ? Driving ranges are both expensive and one dimensional and get a bet boring, practicing on the course is hard and most clubs frown upon it. what I do see on YouTube is trick shots, nothing grabs the imagination than a amazing trick shot, some of the things i have seen are unbelievable, but make me want to try. It sounds silly but its like football, we all practiced a overhead flick or a step over and then once we learned that skill we took it out on the pitch. Sky golf is doing a lot for golf by showing various tournaments including amateur and ladies golf, but i think that most children are like mine and rarely watch TV. They also replicate the silly challenges that they see on social media, I think golf is missing a TRICK . I know this seems a bit random but unless golf changes, the circus will become extinct ! and more of the hardworking people involved within golf will chose another path.


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