The BMW Championship 

There is something quite special about Wentworth I'm not sure if it's the players, the celebrities or just where it is. I'm sitting on the Ascot park and ride surrounded by fellow golf enthusiasts, many have braved shorts, not me I'm from the North. Like the Paris Ryder cup the park and ride is a opportunity to talk golf with complete strangers or reunite with friends. One thing I don't miss is traffic 👎don't they know who we are..We arrive and like a opening symphony the BMW is one of the most impressive Villages on the tour. It's quite hard to concentrate, with so much going on so many companies and of course free chocolate from Lindt. It wouldn't be hard to just stay here watch the large TV and drink gin but I think I better watch a little golf. To call them celebrities is wrong they are golfer who are famous, most are single figures and some are scratch. But pros and amateurs all have nerves and I have witnessed a few scary shots and cries of "4", the competition is irrelevant money raised goes to charity and trophies get used a pen holders. But the bragging rights are important Man United players beating Chelsea players, commentators losing to breakfast TV. It truely is a great part of the tournament and a must see event.


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