The Arrogance of Age 👎👎

Is it a young persons view that is ageist or is it the older person whom refuses to listen to the young ? Many countries have asked the elderly to stay at home and refrain from contact, yet here in the UK it seem as though the laws of sense do not apply to our ageing population. I have seen more of our senior citizens out than ever before, and when I ask about isolation they refuse to listen, we went through the war and I dont need to be told ! Basically refusing to listen and care about the younger generation who will live on this planet after they have gone, it seems very similar to brexit given the choice they based upon there own views with no real concerns for younger generations made a choice and not only that refused for the next generation to take part, with the fear they might not win.

The problem is this isnt a war, or a vote ! this is a virus that will no doubt effect us all, but because the old refuse to listen until forced the burden will not be them, but every NHS, doctor, pharmacist and more, we simply do not have the resources to support everyone. Even before the virus constant appointment booking at doctors for minor ailments, is one of the main reasons we cant get a appointment, not as many would say are the immigrants, who at this time of need are the very ones that work in our hospitals and more. Im not ageist I have alot of respect for our elders, but times have changed all the facts that they believed were true are now false, the world really isnt flat ? I would have more respect for a generation who listens to advice so that together we can get through this, rather than enforce people under a military regime. I know how this works many people from the uniformed services have trained in scenarios which involve world events, believe me its all civilised now, but when food control and population control take place there will be problems, especially when resources run low. You may think that will never happen, but 2 weeks ago you could still fly around the world ??


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