Thats alot of wire !

Big golf tournaments are now all on TV or the internet like @golfpass. This however is a massive logistical nightmare which sometimes starts years before the event itself. I worked at the British Masters Close House in 2017 and I am also a member of the same course and I can tell you the difference is amazing. The hole it starts on is our 4th and is surrounded by rough. The Village is just a farmers field beside the opening hole and the stand they built on the 16th green just sits on rough. Along nearly every hole is cables lets just say 4 deep over a course of 7000 yards that's 16 miles alone, but I would imagine its quadruple that !! when the big tournaments come to town then the media village comes as well, I'm not talking about the news, no Im talking about the camera operators, the jib crewe, the crazy people that go up on the cranes, mobile camera crews who follow breaking action and many more. Can you imagine all that equipment and people traveling all around the world. I think that's why i like it so much, as it is very similar to being back in the Army.


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