T-rex,Rory and the Tiger

The Scottish Open at the renaissance club, the place is crowded with thousands of rory fans. How to both get close to rory and away from the crowds. I know of a small area where not many fans can go, so off I stomp with costume in hand. I wait for a few hours and then on goes the costume, I can see the faces of some of the players in front of rory smiling and laughing. Then the big man himself, the look he gave was priceless, I wonder if he said is that the same T rex from Paris ? or when he played his approach shot, did his caddy say "just aim a little left of the T-rex" The year before I had worn the costum at the Ryder Cup and it went down a storm, on the opening day I was close enough to hear Tiger say "Thats Cool man" those words meant as much as "I do" from my wife.

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