Soft or spiked?

With all the new innovations in golf and golf equipment, one that troubles me is shoes. As a Essex boy at heart there really is nothing better than a new pair of shoes, but it is getting harder to identify golf shoes from shoes! A great example is the new Nike Air golf shoes, wow they look amazing and just like trainers, and thats where the problem starts for me. I used to play football with studds so always had adequate grip, now with the bladed football boots I see players slipping and sliding everywhere. The new soft spike shoes are the same, I see loads off people slipping when they hit there tee shots or sliding down banks and tee boxes. The manufacturer state they are comfortable ? Really how does a flat shoe with no arch support provide more comfort. I am not a old fuddy duddy but some innovations are a step to far Ricky Fowlers Hi tops, and Micklesons workshirt🖓🖓🖓


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