Shorts ? In this day and age, well I never 🤔🤔

I have been watching a little golf this morning, and I have noticed there wearing shorts ! I know there has been a load of press saying first time this and stuff, but I must admit pablo larrazabal made a good point when he said " it just doesnt feel right" and I agree it look well wrong. Im not old fashioned but I think some things just dont need change. Like I have said in previous posts trainers and jogging bottoms are turning this game into a fashion show rather than a golf tournament. And who cam blame the pros when they make most of their money from sponsors. My only question would be who, and at what golf club is wearing hi top shoes ?? The only people I see wearing jogging bottoms at a golf club, is the kinda golf club I dont want to visit. As a former soldier I like standards and discipline, when we start allowing trainers shorts, then why not sports tops and vests ?? I am the proud owner of a pair of budgie smugglers, will I be allowed to wear them soon? And of course in the name of equality will all women golfers be allowed to wear next to nothing !!


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