Sexy women or sexy golf ?

Updated: Dec 21, 2019

I'll say it from the start, women are beautiful and I'll also admit I find a women who can play golf very attractive, but I dont think thats the case for all. Van Dam drove the ball 328 this weekend in Spain, now for most amateur golfers that kind of distance is unattainable and could therefore make men feel a little inadequate? Maybee thats the reason the viewing figures for men watching womens golf has dropped. I remember comments of the womens game is like us amateurs, not anymore ! So does that also mean because they are better than us that they then become less attractive?

The combination of the LET and the LPGA has been on the cards for years, people watching the American womens game has dropped because of the Asian dominance in golf, I remember Natalie Gulbis, the good old American gal with blonde hair, and large assets was everyones pinup. She wasn't for me, and I realy didn't like her golf swing. I guess what I am saying is back in the day people didn't watch the golf because of how good it was, but because of how attractive the women were.

Just like nobody bought the sun for the news, or watched gladiators for the sport, no we all wanted to see Jo Guest and jet. The womens game has progressed, but I dont think the audience has, I know this sounds stupid but I think both the mens and the womens game just isnt sexy enough anymore. The more the players become athletes and model figures, the more they distance themselves from the people who watch. What gets even scarier is because the womens game struggles with cash flow, more and more women golfers are taking to social media, and taking more and more off !!

They have gone from good golfers to adult models! For decades women have battle to have equal footing as the men in golf and this year sees the first dual tournament for men and women, but when you can make more money and get better sponsorship deals by losing a few items of clothing or holding a club to your chest, what would you do ? it will be interesting to see what happens with the womens game over the next few years. Golf on TV is governed by who watches and similar to football the audience is mainly men, and that will always be the issue.


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