Seaton Carew, sweeet !

Just played at Seaton Carew and it is a amazing course. Anyone thats lives in the north east knows how bad the weather has been, but this hasnt effected the greens at Seaton. I is a true gem hidden in a factory come industrial setting. My golf however is not a thing of beauty and I wonder why does it take 16 holes to find my swing. However rant time, one of our group hit their ball onto the adjacent fairway. We as a group all watched it and presumed everything was fine, however when looking for the ball another group was walking away, very close ro where we thought our ball was. I asked what ball had they played and there was a very murmed response. It was obvious they had played the wrong ball. Now I know this isnt the Open but it was a competition and it has cost the player the tournament by 1 shot. What kind of golfer does this.


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