Saturday is moving day!!

Day 3 of the BMW and the 3rd day of my new employment with European Tour Productions. It has been the most amazing week so far, meeting new friends and seeing some old faces. Its interesting to hear the real TV engine working in my ear, and the great job the producers do. What do I do? well similar to the army I relay information back to control and they then process, they try to anticipate players on the way up and show the shots we all want to see. I have seen some top golf shots, and some celebrities that could be top golfers, Wentworth is truly a Major golfing event. I also spent time talking with a gent who we will call Mr P, he has spent most of his life working in the golf Industry and also knows how to dress a table ! But after our talk and walk I will know him as another golf addict that likes spaghetti bolognese 😉 I also witnessed my first albatross, and Ross Fisher will be quite happy with his new BMW. With Rory storming up the field and the best players all within striking distance Sunday, is going to be emotional. Let's just hope the poor weather doesn't dampen there spirits.


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