Red or Blue ?🙌

A day without rain, yep you heard it hear folks a nice day and the players were out in force. The Americans are looking good with some top players in form, and team Europe with some surprisingly big hitters !! But what can I say about my hole the par 5 with water in play, it would be amazing if the winner was decided on our hole but who can tell, what I do know is that if the player goes for it and wins well played, but I think most will lay up. Its strange the feeling around the holes is similar to a firework about to go off, you can hear the fizz and then all of a sudden bang opening day. I also managed a few laughs with the t rex today, hitting some chips in the sponsors stands and also getting a lesson with a PGA pro 😂. My plan to not use the other costumes till friday might not happen as a few people have asked for a few requests. Its going to be a great week.


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