Real blog for real people 😉

As a 43 year old man who could do with losing a few pounds and a few points off my handicap 🤣🤣 I thought I would be good to mention things that matter to real golfers, FOOD and DRINK, so my new blogs will include the pie report. As a connoisseur of the pie it will be my job to sample and report back on my blog, but seriously I will include if the food is good and also good value for money. Most sporting events charge a fortune which leaves a sour taste in the mouth. I have just returned from the Solheim cup, and on the whole the food was good value for money, a example would be fish and chips for £8.50 and a coffee for £3. Also regards food experiment try a venison burger or curry (vegetarian options are available) Most of the merchandise is quite expensive and the cheaper stuff sells out quick, I would recommend getting your goodies earlier to save disappointment. Also as per one of my earlier blogs check if you can take food and drink !!


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