Quit now Tiger

Tiger will always be the best that golf has to offer, and with only a few years before he could play at senior level and reduce the impact on his health surely it must be time to call it a day. Because of his wins over the past 2 decades and the masters last year Tiger has more exemptions than anyone, this means he could literally play any tournament he wanted, if I was him and god we all wished we were him, I would just play a few of the easier courses not go hell out for the win, but enjoy it. Use this part of his life to play with his kids and friends and get ready for TV, coaching or whatever it maybee. People that have suffered with back, leg and other injuries dont realise the impact it will truly have on there later life. I live Tiger as does most of the game, just like I love john daly but people will remeber the bad play the high scores if it keeps happening. The Masters would have been the best opportunity go out winning.


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