Portugal 👌👌✈

I have just got back from Rome, washing done and getting ready for Portugal. Funny thing I could have done Paris inbetween ? It is a hard job, even though it sounds all glamorous and stuff, I can see first hand as well why the golfers practice as it's the only time they get by themselves. When I say I'm going to Portugal, people will think I'm straight down the beach or off for a round of golf, sorry guys but normally my day starts at 6am and Finnishes about 8pm and you also think it's just walking around a golf course, sorry again each day in Rome I did a average of 50,000 steps or about 20 miles up and down. I am not trying to put anyone off, what I am doing is telling the truth it's not a walk in the park, but it is a amazing experience being beside the players, going to all these amazing countries. In the next few weeks the schedule will come out, where I will pick the tournaments that I would like to do. 2020 is going to be awesome especially if I get the jobs I want. Anyway back to Portugal, the field looks ok and the venue is full of ex Pat's so there is no end of Irish themed bars and cheap food n drink. I know lots of my friends have played the course so it should be good. See you soon and maybe the T rex will come out to play 🤣🤣



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