Playing with the Family? 😉😉

I have just read a post that says Rory and Rahms are playing with Family members ? Is this a good or bad thing? I'm not sure, I have seen people play with there sons, partners and other relations but that is normally in friendly amateur games, not in big tournaments. It is a strange and interesting thing the Dunhill, 3 days on some of the toughest courses playing for big money, but it's also a pro am which is normally a light hearted affair. I suppose there is no better feeling than playing with someone you care about but I have always found it hard to get the balance. I will set off for the very wet and grey Carnoustie tomorrow, where I'm sure I will witness some terrible golf shots, and the odd bad one from the amateurs 🤣🤣 what happens when the amateurs play better than the pros ? Mind you from what I have seen lots of the amateurs have low single figure handicaps and play nearly as much as the pros. I am really looking forward to this historic tournament 👏👏👍😃


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