Playing with @gregpayne on the @europrotour

I have been lucky to play in a few pro ams around the north east of england. I would highly recommend that you have a look to see if there are any close to you and take part, i normally use the @Golfempire website which is great if you wish to play competitive golf. A few years ago I played with @Chrispaisley at tyneside and witnessed at first hand how a future european tour winner goes about his game, and how that would make me a better golfer. This year I played at @lindenhall with Greg Payne, a europro tour regular and a fine chap at that. As a amature we work from Tee to green, but pros work in reverse. They calculate what they need to give them the best chance to get a birdie or par, and if that requires a 8 iron off the tee then so be it.

But watching Greg it was more his misses, they were always manageable, not to far left or blindsided. It was a great day which was made better as I did get nearest the pin (my only good shot of the day)

Some new balls for me ta


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