Perfect 👌

So day 2 of the 2019 Solhiem and the teams have ended up 8-8. Not bad so good golf by both teams, and unfortunately some very slow golf. I have seen the twitter feeds and the feedback coming through but what do we do about slow play? Well Im not sure what you can actually see on the TV but, what I say now is what I saw. The wind was blowing alot 20-30 mph it was very very cold and towards the end it rained, so naturally players will take a little longer. Its is still a little slow, but to blame the pace of play on the sex of a person is wrong. Would we still be outside playing in poor weather? Anyway back to the golf and maybee a little trex action. I wore the Red costume today and I have been on sky and julie inksters and the LPGA twitter, but i am not sure what to wear tomorrow? I hopenit will end at 16 and as a draw 👍👌👏


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