No more Booze !! 

Why is it that every great sporting event has to come hand in hand with ridiculous amouts of hospitality and alcohol? Why can people, spectators patrons or whatever actually watch a event without the need to get smashed with their mates? I have been to F1, football, golf and more and most of the corporate and hospitality boxes are used by people whom have no care about the sport or event they are at, more that they welcome the free drink and cakes, ooh cakes !! I have seen Volunteers showered by drunk fools and abused by people who have no care for others. Golfing professionals taunted by over enthusiastic supporters again powered by booze.

I support the companies being sponsors but why not impose a limit ? How many events have you seen sunburnt, hung over brits struggling with their pants ? And then of course theres the added risk of dares or stupid moments like streakers or worse. How many bookies dont take bets off drunk spectators? There is no need and no excuse for some of the states that people get in. Drink responsibly


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