My Friend "Peter"

Well its the winter, in the UK and time to set a few goals. Next year I will be working at a few tournaments around the world and I also hope to actually play some golf. I recently lost a good friend who passed away at a young age. Before he got ill we said we would get to the gym and get in better shape ready for our trip to the world transplant games in houston. I will honour our bet Peter, I will miss you mate. I only knew him a short time, but he was a generous and caring man who had some amazing experiences and who had good life. My best memory will be the world transplant games in Newcastle, Peters job was media( taking pictures) unfortunately nobody told Peter he wasnt meant to be in every picture he took 🤣🤣 make sure you get a selfie with the boss while your up there 😉. We have no control over father time, but we can make sure we have lived a full life and experienced some of what the world has to offer. Over the next few months I will share my plans to work in some of the best places in the world and also try to get my handicap down to category 1 status. You can also follow my YouTube channel golfdaft. One last message to all men, getting your prostate and balls checked doesnt take long and can save years of pain.


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