Like the Garden of Eden ?

So we are all stuck inside and the summer is fast approaching and no one is playing golf. Now this maybee our worst nightmare but for green keepers its a dream come true. At the moment they are allowed to still work and maintain the course, this also could be seen as a opportunity for them to do all the things they wanted without fear or the need to wait till after a certian time. Im just saying that when all this is done and we eventually get back on the course, and yours doesn't have greens like Augusta and fairways like St Andrews, then you want to ask some questions?

Speaking of questions, When will the golf shops/manufacturers drop there prices ? Sales must be down and the products are sitting on shelves so why cant they just reduce the massive mark up on price and get rid ! Surely they understand that most people wont have any money after this ? I worry that if they dont, or if clubs still demand full membership fees, then people will not return to golf. Dont get me wrong as a person who works in a golf club, membership fees are important. But many clubs were going bankrupt way before all this. My opinion is that we will have a phase back in, or a reverse lockdown. People will be allowed out in dribs and drabs but social spaces will still be out of bounds for a while. I also think that rounds will be hours longer as people actually take the time to admire the space they are in, and the work that has been done. On all sides of golf there will be change, manufacturer's and brands will need to understand that people dont have and will not pay the over estimated prices, golf clubs will need to understand that anything can happen and membership is never guaranteed nor is the actual ground its built upon, and golfers will have to understand they have appreciate what many people have done and sacrificed so that they may play terrible golf and then complain about the greens or the weather or anything else. We all love golf and dont we wish we could play right now ?


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