James Robinson, lets do it and lets do it now !

Pro am day at the Omega Dubai Desert Classic and who do I follow ? Simple, James Robinson a amazing YouTuber with great golf content which I can really relate to. On his channel he has done some crazy stuff like cranked up the loft to 0, yes 0 and also tried out cheep and cheerfull clubs. I would urge you to take alook at his channel, also you need to come to pro ams people. The Omega at Dubai is like all pro am stroke practice days, the best opportunity to see, get up close and get stuff signed rather than any other day. It is also a chance to see othe famous people from film stars to YouTubers, even Geordie shore 😪😪 The best thing is the atmosphere is so relaxed, I had a quick chat with last weeks champ lee Westwood and watched Padraig Harrington reminisce about home with a fellow Irishman, you get to see the players try out brand new equipment which you wont see in the shops for a while, and in some circumstance try them out in one of the stalls. Following the players is up to you, but I would always recomend finding a central point where you can see all players without walking miles. This week has been really good from the burjkhalifa to Atlantis and now the pro am, shame I have to start work tomorrow 🤪🤪. So its the time when I back the loser, well form is key and westy, Fitzpatrick and Fleetwood are all in good form. Brooks Koepka did show signs last week so he would still be a choice, but my pick is going to be Henrick Stenson the iceman will keep his cool in the desert heat 🔥🔥⛳👌🏌️‍♂️


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