Its not what you know, or even if you care.

Its been a while since my last post, what with the virus and the cancellation of golf its been a quiet few months. Hard to think that 4 months ago I was in the middle east looking forward to my next tournament, making friends and loving life. I have been busy however, delivering medication to those in need and generally trying to be a supportive person and husband. In 1996 I was in Sarajevo as part of the peace keeping force in the Bosnian war, being a member of the armed forces I wasnt judged on where I came from, but more from what I became.I worked for the local authority for 20 years and watched good people get bypassed because they weren't related to someone or there face didnt fit, even though they had better qualifications and skills.I always knew that Golf is a very clique based game, and that all parts of it from rules to TV would be the same. But I had the impression that doing as you were told, not arguing and going the extra mile counted for something, well it doesn't. In life we teach our kids to try and try, get educated and work hard. While they do that bobs son from acounts gets the directors job, or pams sister is lucky enough to get pams old job. Golf is no different, look at the caddies on the TV the same guys and maybe 1 girl moving from player to player. I have asked how to I become a caddie ? You have to start at the bottom and work your way up, well thats not true either. The only way to get a caddie job is to get lucky plain and simple, the caddies all complain how hard it is and there is no money in it, but not many quit ! Look at the former referee, straight on a bag because of who he is.

So what about the TV and other stuff, well the European tour is based down south in Surrey so living near there helps, or if you live in st Andrews. There is no direct way in, no webpage or signposting, the only way it to knock on the door and when they dont answer kick it down. I didnt want to become despondent with the game I love, but I am. I have seen you players full of confidence and skill not get chosen or make it because of where they are from, I have done my rules official, but I will never make it on the tour. I have made a youtube channel and blog but nobody is bothered unless I put a young women's picture on. We tell people there is no class bias, people won't judge you on your age, your colour, your sex or where your from, if you care enough and want it enough you will succeed. No! you will make it, to where people will allow you to be. I enjoy making people happy, I enjoy making people smile but I think the T rex is over.


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