Its like St Andrews, but warm 🤓🤓👍⛳

So Portugal, I have arrived and so has hundreds maybe thousands of golfers. This place is so much like the UK its its really scary! from the Spar shops to the countless themed pubs, and loads of golf shops it really is like Scotland. The best bit is watching all the blatant middle aged UK men wearing shorts and Under Armour tshirts walking around trying to look normal ?? First impressions however are good, because what could be wrong with the above with a dash of warm weather. I must also say the flight with @jet2 was really good and the service from newcastle to my hotel was spot on so big thumbs up to them 👍👍👌So over the next few days I will see the courses, and decide if next time I should bring my clubs. Just to add a point of interest, Portugal has just been named as the best golfing venue" in the world" sorry went all Clarkson again. Oh yeah one more thing, ( Columbo) Portugal airport had a small stand advertising the golf, what a great touch, well played. 👏👏😃


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