Its going to be big !! 2020 here I come 🦖🦖👍👌

So the rip off that is Christmas is over and we can all concentrate on making new year's resolutions, which will include talking crap about losing weight, being nice and generally saving the world !!. I have made many a bullshit resolution and talked crap about other stuff, ask my wife ! But there realy is only one way to motivate anyone, and thats by fear. Yep all these miracle diets and giving up drinking means nothing, but tell a man hes to fat and he cant have any sex, well its time to get to the gym. Same with golf ! keep telling your playing partners there just having a bad day or its the weather is not solving anything, their crap and the sooner you tell them the quicker they will get a lesson and stop playing shit. So what am I doing for my resolution? Talking the truth thats what, I always get wrong no matter what I say, and trying to keep the world happy just doesn't work.

That also means taking a look at myself and I am a fat guy, there you go I have said it, I am a fat middle aged guy who likes golf, I know Im fucked ! One minute I was on top of the world and then the next I have a body the shape of the world, I shop for comfy trousers and stretchy pants, I look for sandals and socks when I shop online ? I play a sport where the average age is 60, so people can call me young man, and my haircuts only take 5 minutes rather than 10. But this is the start of a new and exciting chapter in my life, I started this blog to air my views and show people what its like being at golf events. This year is my first full year supporting the European tour as a tv assistant. I will be in the Middle East for almost a month.I will be meeting players I haven't yet seen, and countries I only dreamed I would go. But the truth is, its hard work on both body and mind, I need to lose a few stone and I have no excuses so starting from my first day I will exercise and record on my blog and YouTube channel golfdaft and show what is possible. I will also try to write a little more and longer blogs, with some of the events that have happened that day or week. I have missed loads of stories from watching Hatton throw his club 100 yards in Scotland and Bill Murray's antics at carnoustie. I will also try to include the friends and people I meet along way. One of the things that first got me into marshalling and being a volunteer was the welcome and the hospitality of strangers, many of which are now friends. So many different people who have both good and bad experiences in life, yet are still willing to give up thier time to support events. So here to 30 days in the desert 🦖🦖🦖 keep your eyes open for the T rex on sky golf 🤣🤣


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