Its cheating !!

Well I have had some fun this week thanks to Patrick Reed, but make no mistake that is was and always will be cheating. Im not sure which pro has commented on twitter but the words they used are very true,

Patrick Reed got a 2 shot penalty for improving his lie, not for accidentally hitting the sand, no it was cheating and not in the spirit of the game. Im sorry to say that this year has been a biggy when it comes to breaking the honour of golf. Matt kuchar and his famous, my ball plugged in its own plug inside a divot even though his ball rolled 30 yards 🤔🤔 or the women on the LPGA who asked what club her playing partner had used, and probably a few more its just cheating. The game is about honesty and unfortunately there is alot at stake, so it will happen. What does make me laugh is that these players are on TV they know there trying to push the rules, but they actually believe they are innocent?? What people will realise is that smiley faces and signing pictures will not cover up the fact your a twat, dont believe the hype about certian players.


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