Is sky killing golf ??

So its just been announced that sky has exclusive coverage of the Masters 2020. The comments on twitter seem quite disappointing from my point of view, people are very quick to blame sky for the end of golf and how will children watch golf ? Really that old chestnut ! Then the same old comment I pay 1000 a month to watch sky, No No you pay 1000 to watch the discovery channel the football sky movies and the golf. Why do people exaggerate, I have said a million times on this blog, look at the facts

This is the tournament schedule from the 1990s, you will notice that most of the tournaments are france, spain and england. The purses are similar in 1991 Seve won the Volvo Pga now the Pga Championship at wentworth, his prize £100.000 ish in 2019 it was Danny Willett and the prize was 1 million. All of this is because of sponsorship and Sky. Golf is expanding with sky, showing new amateur tournaments like the daily telegraph trophy, the Bobby Robson tournament. The BBC has no money unlike the old days and cannot afford to air most sports anymore including football, its digital channels havnt worked and to be honest the only time I use the BBC is for the radio, which I love. The European tour, ladies European tour, challenge tour and europro to name a few need Sky and its sponsors, if the prizes get smaller then it gets harder for players to make a living and they leave. Use the facts and dont use children as the excuse for the simple fact you dont want to pay for good coverage, everyone wants it for free !! Ask yourself when was the last time you went to a tournament ?


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