Im sh🤬🤬 scared 

I dont think I alone when I say I am so scared of getting a lesson. I took up this game because I had a accident in the army, and my swing is kinda mine. How would a teacher know my pains and problems, how will they get me into positions that I just cant do, and if course my biggest worry what will they actually think of my swing? I instead like many of you turn to YouTube and watch some great teachers m, shaun Clement, Mark Crossfeild, jay Ventos and many more. All of them so good at pointing out issues that we may have, and most all recommend we see our teaching pro. I have videotaped, drawn pictures,stuck things to my club everything but see a teaching pro. I mean my handicap is 9 so I must be doing something right? Is it a irrational fear ? Speeking with people that have had lessons dont help either, ahh it worked for a week and then it got worse, or I cant even swing a club anymore. So what to do? I can honestly say I lost, my game is poor and Im not sure if it was ever that good, Im getting old and I don't know if I can be competitive, why do we look to YouTube when every teacher shows us the opposite way to the last. What if I said go and sit your driving test again, why would you you can already drive and what would some young pup teach you about driving. I have even though should I learn left handed as I have never played that way and have no bad habbits or scar tissue as such, eh ! But thats the stage Im at.


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