I found Atlantis 

Well what can I say Atlantis you are more than I could have expected. If you are looking for family fun then you cant go wrong, the rides are for young and old, silly and safe ! The choice is yours.

The dolphins are awsome and you can get realy close, they are amazing to watch and the tricks they do are impressive. There are other options that allow you ro be in the water with them, but this comes at a cost. This brings me to my bad point, its expensive ! You can get deals online but everything is extra a rowel and locker will set you back 70 dirhams nearly £15 a fastrack pass will cost another 200 dirhams or £50, you cannot bring in food or drinks, so with the initial cost of 385 dirhams for a 2 day pass which allows the dolphin show it could cost £100 upwards. The place is however really worth it, there are lifeguards everywhere so safety is not a issue. The private beach is lovely although I would wear flip flops as the shells are sharp. The wave bar comes highly recommended, I had a burger and chips with a coffee the cost was 130 dirhams which again is about £30 it might have been more expensive because I had beef. It was also served with a deep fried mini baby belle, yep you heard me. You also get some great views of Dubai from the beach. All in all a great experience a d a fun time


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