" I bet you see all the golf"

Being a Volunteer at many great events people often make the same comments "how much do you get paid" your just a power crazy" "you get to see all the golf" and of course my personal favourite " you just stand around all day" 😂😂 Well I cant be specific but day 1 of the Solhiem Cup was a little bit different for me and other volunteers. From what I have both heard and seen lots of minor accidents and some that were worse, insect bites and stings, drunk people being abusive and some over friendly and my personal favourite a individual relieving themselves on the course 👏🙈. Yes I did see some action on my hole and Van Dam is Van bloody dammm good, a amazing drive straight down the fairway left her partner susan peterson wondering, how do I follow that 🙌. A great first day with some great banter with the international crowds, from Canada to Carlisle. Its been good come on team Golf.


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